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My Story

While I was a nanny,  I saw moms working their hardest, but at the same time they were the hardest on themselves - for not having this cleaned up, or that looking a certain way.  

 I knew I could help by organizing for them and creating functional systems that simplify the stress of mess in the process. The transformations of both the moms I was working with and their homes were incredible.   

And that's how I was convinced I had something special to offer busy moms

what i can do for you:

Home Organizing

Get any space in your home professionally organized. Frost Organizing provides solutions and systems that suit your unique needs.

Monthly Maintenance

Spend even less time on home tasks and let Frost Organizing do the work of maintaining your space for you.  

Home Styling

Infuse your home with tranquil beauty and let Frost Organizing help you style any space. Common requests are shelves, countertops, and dressers.


Home Organizing

Committed to finding solutions for you.

Frost Organizing takes the time to listen to the unique needs of your family.  We know that a very full life with kids can get overwhelming, but we are here to find the organizing systems and solutions that suit your daily rhythms.  Life is easier when you discover your definition of organized, and we'll help you do just that.

INCLudes FRee consultation

Product Recommendations

Donation Drop-off

Monthly Maintenance

We know your time is precious.

Get the most out of your organizing efforts and investment by ensuring your space stays organized!  Even the easiest of systems require some maintenance, but we understand your time may be better spent elsewhere. Let us keep your home running smoothly so you can live your best life.

Ensures you stay organized

Saves you Time

Can Pause or Skip at any time

Home Styling

Not sure what your style is? We can help.

Elevate the level of joy your home brings you with home styling. We'll curate the perfect space that reflects your personality. Cherish your favorite moments and places even more when your memories are on display.

Express your Personality

You won't want to add Clutter to those beautiful shelves

Showcase Cherished Memories


Ready to get your free quote?


We have set hourly pricing for our organizing and styling services on 3 different tiers.  The price of your unique project is based on the size of the space, the estimated amount of time the project will take, and how much you would like to invest in organizing product and/or styling items. 

Our hourly packages start at $357.  All packages include the benefits of a free consultation, donation drop-off, and product recommendations. Contact us to get a quote for your space or to inquire about monthly maintenance pricing. 10% discount for all teachers! THANK YOU for everything you do!!

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Kind Words

I was very overwhelmed where to even begin and having Mary come was a lifesaver. I probably would still be stuck without her.

— KristIne N.

Mary transformed the space, used picture labels on bins for my kiddo who wasn't reading yet, and made the space somewhere that the kids actually want to be.

— Karen R.

I highly recommend you invest in yourself and your future by letting Mary help you get organized. It's well worth it.

— jodi W.

The Frost Organizing Promise

What Makes Us Different

With formal training in childhood education and thousands of hours of experience teaching and nannying all ages, I have a wide perspective of life with kids.

I know that every child is different, and what works for one may not work for another.  The same is true for parents and families.  That's why I'm passionate about tailoring my services to your unique needs.

you are as beautifully unique as a frosty snowflake


It’s never too late to
cultivate a home of 
and joy
for your family
to create memories

let's work together

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